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About Scent Life

About Scent Life

Scent Life Australia is a Sydney based 'essential oil and all things scent' (the list will grow!) brand that is the sister company to the popular Tea Life Australia.
Here we continue the Tea Life theme of health and wellness to incorporate the pure essence of the tea leaves we have been previously selling, but in essential oil form.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

We have designed the essential oils section of Scent Life to be 100% eco-friendly from the ground up. Our bottles are easy to recycle. Our shipping bags are biodegradable, along with the bubble wrap we use too.

Our Quality

Many of the leaves we use at Tea Life are the same as used in our oils - and with our already stellar reputation for Tea, you know that your essential oils from us will be of great quality.

Our Reputation

Trust, customer service, fast shipping times, reputation and quality are the things that are most important to us.

Our aim is to provide an easy to use, informative source for essential oils, diffusers, and scent based products Australia-wide.

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