Marjoram Essential Oil


Sweet Marjoram essential oil comes from the small flowers of the Origanum majorana plant. One of the top picks for relaxing muscles in massage, along with muscle spasms, arthritis and rheumatism. A warming oil that can bring pretty fast relief to muscle and joint issues.

If using this oil to treat IBS or intestinal problems, remember to massage the stomach in a clock wise direction. Can also be useful for cramps during menstruation by placing a few drops on a hot compress and placing over affected area.

Commonly used as an inhalant that may help to reduce the symptoms of asthma and stuffy nose. Due to the above mentioned antispasmodic properties, inhaling can also help those types of coughs that 'tickle'.

Emotionally, anger and stress can be relieved by the scent of Marjoram due to a calming effect on the nervous system. Anecdotally, anxiety can also be lessened by inhaling this oil - most easily done via infuser.

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Aromatherapy Benefits

Emotionally - Can relieve anxiety, stress and anger.

Massage - Muscle spasms, arthritis and rheumatism may see some benefit from the use of this oil.


Where Do Our Oils Come From?

Our oils are made from the same plants and herbs available at our sister company Tea Life. With a strong focus on quality, service and a large range of products, we have grown from humble beginnings to become one of Australias leading herbal tea and essential oil providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Essential Oils during pregnancy?
Even if there is no mention of this oil not being safe to be used during pregnancy, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor first. In general we would recommend against the use of oils during the first trimster.

Is this suitable for children?
Essential oils are not recommended for children under 3 months. Even after three months only a small amount is advisable.

Is this suitable to use around pets?
It's best to use essential oil around pets with caution. If in doubt, please contact your local vet.