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All of our diffusers are current models with Australian plug adaptors or USB cables. Many feature led colours of your choosing, auto off timers, large ml capacities, and sturdy design that's guaranteed to last.

Every diffuser comes with an English instruction manual and are compatible with all essential oils listed on Scent Life. Shipping is just 8.95 Australia-wide for any quantity of both diffusers and oils, along with free shipping for orders over $100.


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    The Tub Multi Colour Diffuser

    The Tub Multi Colour Diffuser is our biggest diffuser yet! Sporting a 700ml capacity that can run for up to 20 hours on a single fill, and a choice of...

    Dark Wood Multi Colour Diffuser

    This dark wood themed diffuser is a modern take on your classic diffuser type which accentuates the focal point of steam through a slender chimney-like top.Smooth and sleek, with a...

    Treetop Wood Oil Diffuser

    Welcome to the Treetop Wood Oil Diffuser! Aptly named for its unique two spout design and classic wooden look, this diffuser allows for 7 colours powered by LED technology. With...

    Minimalist Circle Multi Colour Diffuser

    This diffuser is put simply, a minimalist style diffuser with a large capacity of 500ml with an average working time of 10 hours per fill. A very robust and sturdy...

    Wooden Lantern Multi USB Diffuser

    The Woodern Lantern diffuser is USB powered (included) for ease of use and placement. Able to be powered by most devices with a USB output such as a laptop, the...

    Mini Mushroom USB Diffuser with Fan

    A great diffuser of unexpected design that adds an element of fun to a space with its wood grained mushroom design that will appeal to those that want to create...

    Easy Driving Multi Colour USB Diffuser

    Our car diffuser makes driving more pleasant in a few ways. Helps to remove or cover unwanted odors, along with helping to improve concentration for those long drives with certain...

    Light Grained Multi Colour Diffuser

    This light drained diffuser is very classic in terms of form and function. A simple elegant oil diffuser that won't look out of place no matter the style of your...
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